Ministry of Foreign to Return Indonesian Shipmen in South Korea

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian representatives in New Zealand, China and South Korea paid serious attention to the problems faced by Indonesian Shipmen (ABK) on the Chinese-flagged Long Xin 605 and Tian Yu 8 vessels which anchored a few days ago at Busan, South Korea.

The public is being shocked by the practice of exploiting Indonesian crews on the Chinese fishing vessel Long Xing. South Korean television station, MBC, reported the existence of Indonesian citizens with poor working conditions and called it slavery.

In the video footage of the MBC news, Indonesian citizens who work on the ship must work for up to 30 hours with minimal breaks, discrimination, salaries that are not in accordance with the work contract, until the corpse is only banned into the sea if a crew member dies.

“The two ships (China Long Xin 605 and Tian Yu 8) carried 46 crew of Indonesian citizens and 15 of them came from Long Xin 629,” the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said in a press statement on Thursday, May 7.

Previously, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in coordination with local authorities had repatriated 11 Indonesian crew members on April 24, 2020. While 14 other crew members would be repatriated on May 8, 2020.

The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul is also seeking the repatriation of an Indonesian who died at Busan Hospital due to pneumonia. The other 20 crew members continue to work on the Long Xin 605 and Tian Yu 8 vessels.

In December 2019 and March 2020, on Long Xin 629 and Long Xin 604 vessels, 3 Indonesian crew members died while the ship was sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

The ship’s captain explained that the decision to bury the corpse due to death was caused by an infectious disease and this was based on the approval of the other crew members.

The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing has submitted a diplomatic note asking for clarification regarding the case.

In his explanation, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the ban had been carried out in accordance with international marine practices to protect the health of the other crew members.

To request additional clarification regarding the reason for the ban on the body (whether it is in accordance with ILO Provisions) and the treatment received by other Indonesian citizens, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will summon the Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia.

Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with relevant Ministries / Institutions had also summoned the Manning Agency to ensure the fulfillment of the rights of Indonesian crew members. The Ministry has also informed the progress of case with the family. (L / RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)