Minister Invites Santri to Contribute in Reducing Islamophobia in the World

Minister of Religion (photo Special)

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Minister of Religion Fahrur Razi invites santri (Students of Islamic Boarding School) to contribute in reducing the development of Islamophobia in Indonesia and the world.

It was conveyed in his remarks at the Hajj and Smart Hajj and Umrah Competition in the Darunnajah Ulujami Islamic Boarding School, South Jakarta on Saturday, March 7 MINA quoted the official Ministry of Religion website.

“We must show the world that Islam is tolerant and peaceful. We were created by God in different ways so that we know each other and respect each other, “he said.

He also stated the da’wah was varied, there was a da’wah bil thing, bil qalam, and oral bil. With the outbreak of Islamophobia lately, the preaching is very necessary. Da’wah by giving explanations and lessons learned both to non-Muslims about Islam. Because, in their shadow, Islam is sadistic and cruel.

“Islamophobia is more and more available in the world. It could also be because we do not give them an idea and understanding that Islam is peace-loving, said the Minister of Religion.

In turn, Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School Chairperson Sofwan Manaf expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Hajj Alumni Communication Forum (FKAPHI) for making Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School a place for Hajj Da’wah competition and Smart Hajj and Umrah Tangkas Competition. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)