Media: Israel Worry Hamas Increases Military Capability

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli military sources revealed representatives of the military leadership and representatives of Israeli intelligence leaders on Saturday held a meeting tonight to discuss the possibility of Hamas resistance movement in Gaza to prepare and increase military capabilities in this calm period.

According to sources quoted by the Hebrew-language Israeli media, Walla, on Sunday, this emergency meeting was held to provide information on the enhancement of Hamas military capabilities during this calm period that raised Israeli concerns and discussed how to react to it.

The meeting was attended by representatives of senior military leaders, representatives of the Safe Intelligence Division, Shin Bet and Mossad,

The media, which was also quoted by Safa, described concerns about the progress of Hamas.

“Israel has relatively recently enjoyed calm along the border with the Gaza Strip, while Hamas is using time to train its troops and strengthen and develop its military capabilities,” the media reported.

Participants at the meeting highlighted Hamas’s progress in developing missiles and unmanned aircraft, including conducting experiments towards the sea, to develop capabilities, in addition to focusing on increasing the size and accuracy of warheads, the media reported.

The Israeli media also claimed that Hamas’s military wing “is trying to smuggle weapons and increase defense tunnels intended to be used in the event of an Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

Walla also said that the commander of the southern territories of the occupation forces had recently prepared their troops for a new confrontation scenario in this sector.

He revealed the scenario to control the border region, strengthen the objectives, and increase cooperation between the army and the Bet Bet with the aim of preparing troops in the Gaza division and the surrounding area for an escalation that might come gradually. ”

While Israeli occupation military officers handed the situation in the Gaza Strip to the new Defense Minister, Benny Gantz to take a stand.

Among other things in response to a potentially explosive situation, while attention is being focused on the West Bank before implementing the annexation plan, while the situation in Gaza cannot be tolerated.

It said there were indications that Hamas would not be able to remain silent if Israel annexed areas of the West Bank, so it would be difficult to negotiate a ceasefire at the same time.

Walla media also pointed out that the calm situation in Gaza has occurred in recent months, despite several attacks by Israel. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)