Malaysia’s SHURA Condemns The Closure of Aqsa Mosque

Photo: PIC

Kuala Lumpur, MINA –  Secretariat of the Asian Regional Ulama Association (SHURA) condemned over Israel’s action to close the holy site of Al-Aqsa mosque and call on Muslim arround the world to take real action regarding on it.

“We call for a firm action and stern response from all Muslim nations in the world to demand for the re- opening of the mosque,” the organisation said in a statement, Sunday.

SHURA stated since its occupation in Palestine, the Israel regime has kept its main agenda to take over and demolish the Holy Al Aqsa Syarif. Therefore, this is a signal for all Muslims to prepare and participate in a  stronger resistance movement against Zionist Israel.

“OIC and all the Muslim countries have shamefully failed to protect the sanctity of the mosque,” the statement added.

The statement  note since 1967 OIC had compromised with the Zionist. Al Aqsa had been occuppied by the Jewish military army. The ultimate aim is establishing Al Quds as the center of Zionism.

“SHURA calls for the launching of a strong resistance to save Al Aqsa,” the statement stressed.

SHURA is calling for a convening of a regional of Islamic  acholars and academicians to discuss on the defence of Al Aqsa.

“Under the banner of jihad , all Muslims should be prepared for a direct confrontation with the Zionist regime” they added.

The organisation also said the regime have ignored all the international calls and resolutions against the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Now their final onslaught is the Al Aqsa mosque.

“We are upset by the current GCC crisis orchestrated by the coaliation of Saudi-led anti Qatar Arab countries to launch a sieged  on Qatar. While they have clearly become tools of the Zionists both in the US and Israel, blaming each other as terrorists,  Al Aqsa is left unprotected” It added.(L/RE1)/RS5)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)