Macron Wants French Muslims to No Longer Isolated

Paris, MINA – French President Emmanuel Macron wants to be more serious against radicalism and Islamophobia. Reported at MIA on Wednesday, Macron knew that Muslims had been isolated from other French communities.

“Separatism is an enemy and not in accordance with freedom, equality, and national unity,” he said during a visit to Mulhouse, Eastern France.

Macron’s efforts are actually part of the refusal of other countries to interfere in the law in France. The law cannot be broken in the name of religion.

“We cannot use Turkish law in France,” he said.

France uses republican law instead of religious law. It cannot be religious law superior to republican law.

For this effort, Macron will dismiss mosque imams sent by other countries, such as from Turkey and Algeria. Thus, Macron hopes that more scholars and priests will become French citizens.

They will be trained and paid for by the French government. During this time, the existing priest trained and paid by other countries.

He stressed it was not to stigmatize religion. He also did not plan to fight Islam.

According to him, a lot of violence, radicalism, and crime that occurred due to lack of social activities, sports, culture, and other activities in their neighborhood.

Macron also visited various problematic areas such as in the Bourtzwiller district. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)