Jakarta Tighten In and Out of People Mobility

Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan (photo special)

Jakarta, MINA – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has tightened the mobility of people to get in or out of the Capital City area in preventing the spread of COVID-19. That is based on the Governor of DKI Jakarta Provincial Regulation No. 47 of 2020.

In this regulation, a licensing mechanism is set for Jakarta residents when leaving the Greater Jakarta area and residents from outside Jabodetabek when entering Jakarta through the Exit Permit (SIKM) of the DKI Jakarta Province, which is carried out systematically and practically.

“With this regulation, all residents in DKI Jakarta are not permitted to travel outside the Greater Jakarta area, they are restricted (mobility) so that we can keep COVID-19 under control. This (SIKM) also applies to people who will enter Jakarta, “Anies said in Jakarta on Friday.

“So, basically with this regulation, the officers in the field will have a strong legal basis for them to work to control the movement of the population,” he added.

Anies said the Governor Regulation applies to everyone. However, there are exceptions to a number of categories, namely the Heads of State Higher Institutions, the Foreign Corps Representative Corps and / or International Organizations in accordance with international law, Army, Police, and road officers.

It is also COVID-19 handling officers, ambulance officers, firefighters, hearse officers, goods transport vehicles that do not carry passengers, drivers for transporting drugs and medical devices, patients who need services, as well as people who have work assignments in 11 permitted sectors  during the Social Restriction period.

He explained those who are excluded could not automatically travel, but they had to take care of the Exit Permit (SIKM) of DKI Jakarta Province Region virtually, done through the corona.jakarta.go.id website.

“There is an application form and must complete with a certificate related to his work, confirmation from the RT/RW, also evidence of activities to be carried out,” said Anies.

There are 2 types of SIKM, namely:

First, SIKM which is a repetitive journey intended for workers / entrepreneurs domiciled in Jakarta who work / have a place of business outside Jabodetabek or workers / entrepreneurs domicile outside Jabodetabek who work / have a place of business in the Jakarta area.

Secondly, SIKM which is a one-time trip which is intended for:
– employees / workers who travel outside Jabodetabek;  or
– domiciles outside Jabodetabek who have a place of residence / business in DKI Jakarta or have urgent needs, for example, a patient who is seriously ill or visiting a family who is sick or dies.

The making of SIKM through the corona.jakarta.go.id/izin-keluar-masuk-jakarta website is integrated with the JakEvo licensing system of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Office (DPM PTSP). Then, PTSP DPM will issue the SIKM electronically in the form of a QR-code if the application and requirements submitted are complete.

“All checks are done online. Later, if someone takes care of the permit, they will get a letter like this, here there is a QR code and the officers in the field will just have to scan to make sure the information is correct, “Anies said.

Anies said for those who have tasks in the fundamental sector, can take care of permission. For those who don’t, don’t need to take care of the permit, because the permission won’t be given.

And officers in the field only need to check whether there is a permit from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Only permits from the Provincial Government can be received by officers in the field.

In addition, he reminded again that Social Restriction (PSBB) in the DKI Jakarta area was still in effect and there was no policy easing, because Jakarta is currently in a very decisive phase. Anies urged residents to reduce outside activities and implement the COVID-19 prevention protocol.

“Therefore, we ask the whole community to remain at home, not to travel especially during the many days off. This is the momentum we keep to stay at home. For this reason, this policy (SIKM) was also issued, “he said.  (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)