Israeli Occupation Procrastinates in Providing Medical Treatment to Palestinian Sick Prisoner

Photo: M Shaaban

Nazareth, MINA – Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority said on Sunday, the prisoner Ibrahim Ghunaimat, 45, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, suffers from Cardiomyopathy and blockage of three arteries for four years, as a result of a stroke, and was subsequently transferred to the hospital.

The commission explained, in a press statement, that the Israeli occupation has been procrastinating in providing the necessary treatment to the prisoner Ghunaimat, and is satisfied with giving him painkillers, MINA’s Contributor in Palestine reported.

He is informed that he has an appointment with the specialized doctor, and until this moment he has not been reviewed, and for two weeks he has been feeling numb in his right hand, but the doctor asks him to drink water and painkillers.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Ghunaimat was subjected to a harsh interrogation that lasted for 40 days after his arrest.

During the first three years of his detention, the occupation deprived his family of visiting him and isolated him more than once, during which he engaged in several strikes to end his isolation and allow his family to visit him. He is married and father of four children. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)