Israeli Forces Arrests More Than 50 Palestinian Workers in Salfit

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Salfit, MINA – The Israeli occupation army arrested, at dawn today, Wednesday, more than 50 Palestinian workers from Haris village, northwest of Salfit, MINA’s Contributor in Palestine reports.

The head of Haris village council, Omar Qassem, said in press statements that the occupation army raided dozens of houses in the village and arrested a large number of workers, and there were others who were arrested while they were on their way to work in the morning.

Qassem indicated that these workers work in the Israeli “Barkan” industrial settlement complex located on the lands of Salfit Governorate, and all of them are under 40 years old, and most of them are married and have children, and they were taken to the occupation police station in “Ariel” settlement.

On the reason for this wide arrest campaign, he explained that these are workers in factories and companies established in “Barkan” and they have a case of a labor dispute with employers over their financial dues and fees, some of them took these rights, and others did not take them, and were arrested.

He added that the reason for their arrest is not yet clear, whether it is to put pressure on them or because the Israeli operator claims that they forged a number of papers, and all this will become clear after the lawyer visits them. (LKG/RE1)