Islamophobia Today and the End of Times

Dr. Abdul Chair Ramadhan, Head of HRS Center General

Episode Islamophobia coherent and directional with the human ideological evolution will expire (The End of History). Islamic Sharia will be back upright, as straight-upright. Shaping and exponent of Islamophobia that stand behind its accursed Dajjal will be destroyed, sehancur-destruction (The Last Man). ”

Islamophobia is the result of global political ideology in the interests of hegemony and domination of the anti-Islam. Various descriptions of an expression of hatred against Islam such overdose. Islamophobia will never recognize the absolute truth of Islamic law with universality.

Islamophobia formers actually aware of the superiority of Islamic law. Islamophobia is meant to discredit Muslims in order to transform Islamic law that led inferori. Islamic Sharia going to be negated in the global political economy. Therefore, transplant global mind implanted in the minds of the compradors.

Comprador which is the leading exponent of Islamophobia in a country, including Indonesia. Intended to form a massive agitation wrongly thought in society. Leading exponent hoaks news spread Islamophobia, provocation therein loaded with hatred and provoke. Islam has been labeled as a threat to freedom, equality, democracy, individualism, human rights, and so forth.

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Islamophobia is happening can not be separated from the influence of global, regional and national levels. All of them are interconnected eventually forms ekuilibrum point. A condition of the formation of the evil of agreement between the beneficiary (global actor) with the comprador Islamophobia.

Evil of agreement refers to the intention of putting Islamic law under positive law. God’s sovereignty is replaced by the sovereignty of the people who operated artificially, not to say false. Legal products increasingly cause harm, officials and the people’s mandate menghamba reneges on corporates. In the end a global actor capable of making independent state as a satellite state. Thus, it has indeed been planned long ago to the global system in the new world order (Novus Ordo secrolum).

The controller of this global system is none other than Dajjal. Surely this “one eye” will appear after al-Malhamah al-Kubro (West: Armageddon). So many experts have said this. Related to the novus ordo secrolum which is characterized by globalization (economic liberalization), the current conditions show that state sovereignty is fading. The role of the state has been replaced by non-state actors. Economic and political oligarchy has a dominant position connected to global interests. In line with that, the role of Islam is increasingly being pressured by the strengthening of secularism. On the other hand, persecution and criminalization are clustered. Its application is structured, systemic, and massive.

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Legal clustering is intended for parties who are opposite to the dominant position holders. Thus, it further strengthens the effort to negate Islamic law. For that purpose the leading exponent of Islamophobia is running a global agenda. The global agenda is meant to prevent the rise of Islam. Strictly speaking, he decided on the roadmap for the government system exemplified by Khulafaur Rasyidin. It is not surprising that Islam is always described as a threefold threat: a political threat, a civilization threat, and a demographic threat. Then give generalized stereotypes such as, “Islam fanatics,” “militant Islam,” “Islamic fundamentalists,” “Islamic terrorists” and so on.

Fukuyama and Huntington had predicted that Islam would become the mortal enemy of the West. Regardless of whether this assumption is accepted or not, it is clear that there is a fear (phobia) of the revival of Islam in the end times. The Islamic caliphate under the command of Imam Mahdi will destroy the infidels and zionists of Israel. Dajjal will be executed by Prophet Isa as. That’s when there was such a terrible collision. Not a clash of civilizations (Clash of Civilizations) as Huntington said, but the peak of the clash between the righteous and the false. Between haq and bathil it will not be possible to unite. It is said so because the haq is on the side of Allah, while the bathil is on the side of Allah’s enemies.

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In the end the episode of Islamophobia which is coherent and directional with the evolution of human ideology will end (The End of History). Islamic Shari’a will again stand upright, as upright as possible. The founders and exponents of Islamophobia who stand behind the accursed Dajjal will be crushed and utterly destroyed (The Last Man). (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)