OIC Youth Oppose Israeli Football Team in U-20 World Cup Held in Indonesia

Jakarta, MINA – OIC Youth Indonesia oppose the participation of the Israeli football team in the U20 World Cup that will be Held in Indonesia.

“On behalf of the OIC Youth Indonesia President and the Executive Board, we would like to express our concern regarding the participation of the Israeli National Football Team in the upcoming U20 World Cup hosted by Indonesia in 2023,” said President of OIC Youth Indonesia Astrid Nadya Rizqita im press release received by MINA on Wednesday.

“As a nation with the largest Muslim population in the world, we have a responsibility to uphold our principles and values, which are reflected in our Diplomasi Bebas Aktif or Free and Active Policy,” she added.

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The Palestinian cause has always been an important issue for us, and as an organization with the OIC in our name, it is a fundamental part of our founding.

It is in this spirit that we express our deep concern and opposition to the participation of the Israeli team in the U20 World Cup.

We believe that this participation contradicts our principles and values and sends a wrong message to the international community, especially to other Muslim-majority nations.

In addition, it is important to note that our Constitution, through the Preambule of UUD 1945, emphasizes our commitment to world peace and fighting all forms of occupation.

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Furthermore, our Law No. 37 Year 1999 on Foreign Relations mandates us as a civil society to voice our concerns on issues of foreign relations, including the participation of the Israeli team in the U20 World Cup.

Additionally, Permenlu No 3 Year 2009 on Foreign Relations specifically prohibits the display of the Israeli flag in our territories.

We also cannot ignore the fact that all former presidents of Indonesia have rejected Israel, including the Founding President who rejected the participation of the Israeli delegation in the Asian Games 1962, hosted in Jakarta. It is ironic that the Gelora Bung Karno/Bung Karno Stadium will be used as one of the tournament venues in the upcoming U20.

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In light of these factors, we strongly urge the organizers of the U20 World Cup to reconsider the participation of the Israeli team. If they still continue to allow their participation, it sets a dangerous precedent and undermines our policies in international relations. We call for a firm commitment to our principles and values, and we hope that this situation will not happen again in the future. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)