ICMI: There is No Islamophobia, Islam in Indonesia is More Advanced

Jakarta, MINA – The Central Board of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) Andi Irman said, Islam in Indonesia is more advanced.

He considered the anti-Islamophobia movement that was sticking out in Indonesia as a mere political term.

“Islamphobia is now just a political term for those with opposing political views,” Andi said in a written broadcast on Monday.

According to him, Islamic life in Indonesia is more advanced than other countries in the world. Policies in Indonesia that favor Islamic teachings dominate, ranging from the marriage law, education system, political system, financial system to culture.

“The education system and even Islamic boarding schools have become the national curriculum. The financial system also applies Islamic finance mechanisms,” Andi added.

Not only that, he continued that the political system in several parts of Indonesia was carried out with sharia-based regional autonomy. This shows that Islam in Indonesia is advanced and Islamic culture is growing rapidly.

“Hundreds of thousands of Islamic boarding schools have been established, as are tahfidz houses, taklim assemblies with unrestricted freedom of speech. Political leaders in Indonesia are also predominantly Muslim. Once (a) kiai became president. Currently, even the General Chairperson of the MUI has become the vice president,” said Andi.

Then, he continued, every year the big celebration of Islam in Indonesia, the government makes it a national holiday.

Currently, the International Islamic University of Indonesia has also been established which will become the mecca of Islamic education and culture throughout the world.

“Islamphobia is only a term that is inconsistent with political groups who make religion a political commodity,” he concluded. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)