IS Former Members Reveal Group’s Brutality

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesians returning from ISIS group who trap with their jargon narrated the group as a terrible and brutal world. The militants are pursuing three things: power, money and women.

The story of their bitter experience is recorded in a video published by the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT). They are devout Muslims who are interested in the life  with ISIS’s promise of a better life. Republika reported.

BNPT stated that they (Indonesians) did not fight – but only to become citizens from a place they had considered a more better place. Apparently, what they found was horrible. “Their promise is empty,” said a woman named Lasmiati.

“(Life) is so difficult there,” said another woman, Difansa. “For those who have not gone there, be thankful for not falling into the crocodile’s den, it’s a hole of lie.Save your time, save your money, save your life. Do not waste your life just to be lied to by ISIS.”

“I believe ISIS will soon be destroyed, their goal is not to uphold the word of God, God hates them.” she said.

This is a very straightforward comment from a group of people who once became the most enthusiastic supporters of ISIS. They are very religious people who are led to believe that IS regions are the ideal place to live.

Another woman named Naila said :”I never thought the condition would be very bad after entering Syria.  When I got into the dormitory, the member’s behavior were worse than an animal.”

Wedding Program

Difansa was surprised by the greed of the militants. ” When my families and I arrived, my unmarried family member is being chased.”

“They call it jihad marriage, and for people there, marry is like a competition.”

“They got married once, twice, until fourth time then divorced one of the and then remarried again, I do not know how many times they married and this is supported and facilitated by IS.”

“Everyone who marries with a virgin gets money from ISIS.” She said.

A man named Heru described that he had time to watch the children who kicked the severed head in the streets. “It was the middle of the day, I wondered what the crowds of people were doing in the clock tower.

Even religious teaching became a nightmare, Heru said. “I am very stressed, we are afraid there, if we make mistakes, we are shot,” he said. (TL/P2/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)