Internet, Communication Channels Down in Gaza as Israel Announces ‘New Phase

Gaza, MINA – Communications, internet and phone networks are down in Gaza as Israel declares it is entering a ‘new phase’ in its attack on the besieged enclave, Middle East Monitor reports.

Reporters have been unable to reach news rooms and it is feared Israel will use the black out to commit greater war crimes against a population which will no longer be able to inform the world what is happening or get international help.

This also means Palestinians in Gaza can no longer call for an ambulance or civil defence teams to help in rescue operations after Israel targets their neighbourhoods.


Reports from the area also appear to indicate tremors deep in the earth which can be felt for miles away, which analysts believe is Israel using new bombs to penetrate the Palestinian resistance’s tunnels.

Israel claims such tunnels exist under the Shifa Hospital, a vital lifeline for Palestinians in northern Gaza, where some 5,000 IDPs have taken shelter. In a video released on its social media channels it claims to show how the resistance has built an underground city beneath the hospital, but provides no proof of its claims. This has, however, led analysts to say Israel is planning to target Al-Shifa Hospital, after it told its administration to vacate the premises earlier this week. (T/RE1/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)