Indonesian VP Says Trend of Halal Tourism Increases During Pandemic

The Opening of Hybrid Event Leaders Summit Asia – Global Tourism Forum (GTF) 2021 in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/9/2021).(Photo: Special1)

Jakarta, MINA – The trend of world tourism in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is marked by the increasing number of halal tourist destinations in various countries, not only in countries with a majority Muslim population.

“This is driven by the increasing number of Muslim travelers, especially from Middle Eastern countries,” said Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin when inaugurated the opening of the Hybrid Event Leaders Summit Asia – Global Tourism Forum (GTF) 2021 in Jakarta on Wednesday.

At the opening, the Vice President is accompanied by Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) Bulut Bağcı, and Chairman of the Indonesia Tourism Forum (ITF) Sapta Nirwandar.

For Indonesia itself, said the Vice President, the concept of halal tourism means the fulfillment of halal service facilities that are friendly for Muslim tourists (moslem friendly tourism) in tourist destinations, such as accommodation, halal restaurants or food, adequate places of worship, and other halal service facilities.

“This effort is intended to support Indonesia to become a leader in global halal tourism as well as to increase the interest of world Muslim tourists to come to Indonesia,” he said.

According to Ma’ruf, the Covid-19 pandemic is a big challenge for the tourism sector to bounce back and contribute to national income.

However, the changes in post-pandemic tourism trends, especially attention to hygiene, health, safety and sustainability (4K) factors are opportunities for halal tourism to be able to revive national tourism.

He believes this, because the concept of halal tourism also pays attention to the fulfillment of 4K aspects, especially cleanliness, comfort, and conformity with religious guidance.

“In line with the world trend in developing 4K, halal tourism has also developed the concept of fulfilling aspects of cleanliness, comfort, and conformity with religious guidance,” said the Vice President.

Ma’ruf admitted that in its implementation, the development of halal tourism in Indonesia is still constrained by the low level of public literacy.

“For this reason, we all need to continue to improve public literacy regarding the concept of halal tourism,” he said.

In the event with the theme “Reset, Revive, Refresh Tourism”, the Vice President said, in organizing tourism activities during the pandemic, the Indonesian government has established a health protocol based on Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability (CHSE).

According to him, the CHSE-based health protocol has become the standard for preparing tourist destinations in the country.

“For that, we need the support of all stakeholders, as well as tourists, both domestic and international, to be disciplined and strictly implement the CHSE health protocol,” he concluded.

Indonesia was selected to host the first global tourism forum in Asia, “Global Tourism Forum: Hybrid Event Leaders Summit Asia Indonesia 2021,” on 15-16 September 2021.

GTF 2021 will be held ‘hybrid’, only 70 participants are physically present in Jakarta, while other participants take part in virtual activities from all over the world.

GTF itself is an initiative of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI) which is a forum for international collaboration to overcome challenges for the tourism industry. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)