Indonesia-Brunei Discuss Increasing Halal Meat Exports

BPJPH virtual meeting with the Brunei Ministry of Religious Affairs. (Photo: Ministry of Religion)


Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian government through the Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religion with the Government of Brunei through the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Hal Ehwal Ugama Brunei discussed efforts to increase halal meat exports.

The Head of BPJPH of the Ministry of Religion, Muhamad Aqil Irham, welcomed the suggestion by the Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Sujatmiko that the Halal Product Guarantee (JPH) cooperation process be carried out simultaneously with increasing exports of halal goat meat from Indonesia to Brunei.

“I welcome the initiative of the Ambassador and the gentlemen of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei. And we need to make the most of this moment.” Muhammad said in a virtual meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday.


“As the Ambassador said, this can be started from halal lamb and mutton products and later of course we can develop it into other halal products, such as food products, beverages, cosmetics, medicines and so on, “he continued.

Furthermore, he also emphasized that meat is a type of product that complies with JPH regulations in Indonesia, which is categorized as a product that is subject to the obligation to be certified halal in the first phase.

Previously, the Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Sujatmiko ensured that Indonesia-Brunei cooperation would continue to increase in a mutually beneficial manner.

Sujatmiko also hopes that through increased trade cooperation with Indonesia, the high demand for goat meat in Brunei can also be met.

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“Exports of halal goat meat from Indonesia, which are produced from quality cultivation and whose production is managed with the fulfillment of halal standards, are expected to answer the needs of halal goat meat in Brunei,” explained Sujatmiko.

Head of the Center for Halal Cooperation and Standardization BPJPH Siti Aminah, said that the JPH cooperation process between Indonesia and Brunei had been carried out for a long time by involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In accordance with the provisions of our regulations, cooperation needs to be started with the Government to Government cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Brunei Darussalam. After that, we will follow up with a Mutual Recognition Agreement or an agreement for reciprocal recognition of halal certificates between BPJPH and the Brunei Halal Control Section,” said Aminah.

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In this regard, it is hoped that the two parties will immediately coordinate for the technical preparation of the cooperation. In this effort, BPJPH also coordinates with a number of related Ministries/Institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)