Indonesian Ulema Together with Religious Leaders Declare Peaceful Elections

Jakarta, MINA – The deputy general chair of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH Marsudi Syuhud together with a number of religious leaders who are members of Forum Peduli Indonesia Damai declared the peaceful 2024 elections.

This is the third declaration that has been held with the aim to creating peaceful, honest, and fair elections and avoiding from fraud so as to produce leaders in line with the nations’ expectations.

“Peaceful, direct, general, free, secret, honest, fair and dignified elections will produce the best and most trustworthy president, vice president and people’s representatives,” said Marsudi Syuhud in his statement as quoted by MUIDigital Tuesday.

Marsudi said he asked all parties to act honestly and fairly in carrying out their duties. Apart from that, all stakeholders are also asked to carry out their duties as they should.

“All stakeholders must truly have a heroic spirit, be honest and fair in carrying out their duties and obligations as straight as they should,” he said.

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He also mentioned that all Indonesian citizens have a very important role. Moreover, in the current situation which requires a strong role and control from society.

“In a trust-prone situation like the one we are experiencing now, strict and comprehensive roles, control and supervision from all of us are very necessary,” he said.

Apart from that, Father Cardinal Ignatius Suharyo from the Archdiocese of Jakarta, said that his community does not side with any of the candidate pairs. His party only calls for unity, whatever the circumstances.

“We say to the leaders that the religious community does not take sides. “We stand on a moral level,” he said.

He said that whoever the leader is chosen and decided by the competent authority must be accepted. Don’t let anyone be provoked by existing provocations.

“If later whoever is elected, and it has been decided by the competent authority, we must accept it. “That’s what we have to convey,” he said.

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The following 5 points of the declaration were read:

1. Use your right to vote responsibly. Vote yes!, abstain no!

2. Make choices with a free and independent spirit according to the voice of your own conscience. Ignore all seduction, persuasion, whispering, invitations, pressure and/or threats. Follow your conscience, yes! Persuasion and intimidation no!

3. Actively participate in maintaining and supervising all stages of the election so that it takes place according to the principles of fairness and justice, so that the election is safe, peaceful and dignified. Peaceful elections, fair elections, yes! Fraudulent election no!

4. Sharpen your reasoning and inner voice. Don’t vote for those who conflict with and/or violate the principles of liberality and justice. Support candidates who uphold the principles of fairness and justice. Choose the dignified one, yes! The undignified, no!

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5. Maintain and uphold unity above differences in choices. National unity, yes! Disunity, no!

6. Remind all family members, relatives, friends and friends that the election is an important moment for the future of our nation and state. So, use our rights as best we can freely without needing to be hostile to those with different choices.

Even though they are different, they are still brothers, yes! Indonesia Jaya, Yes, yes, yes!

Present at the declaration were the Chairman of PGI, Rev Gomar Gultom; Archdiocese of Jakarta, Father Cardinal Ignatius Suharyo, Chairman of PHDI Maj. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Wisnu Bawa Tenaya, Ketum Permabudhi Prof. Philip K Wijaya, Ketum Matakin Xueshi Budi Tanuwibowo, Presidium of the Supreme Council of Indonesian Faiths, Engkus Ruswana, and Spiritual Leader of the Archipelago, Sri Eko Sriyanto Galgend. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)