Indonesian Navy Capture Four Tanker Pirates in Batam Waters

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Navy Lantamal IV F1QR team captures four pirates on two MT Medan and MT Ocean Leader tankers on Friday at several different locations in Batam, Riau Islands.

Kadispen Lantamal IV Tanjungpinang, Marine Major Saul Jamlaay explained the arrest of the four perpetrators began with a report related to Unidentified People (OTK) boarding the MT Ocean Leader ship that was anchored in the waters of Tanjung Uban on 17 May at around 04.00.

Not only that, the team also received reports of piracy efforts on May 18 at 21.30 on the SV Winposh Resolve Vessel that was sailing north of Nongsa Batam.

“With these two incidents, Commander Lantamal IV Tanjungpinang First Admiral TNI Arsyad Abdullah ordered the F1QR Lantamal IV Team to move to investigate and arrest the perpetrators of the attempted piracy or theft,” Saul said on Saturday as quoted from CNN.

From the results of the investigation, it was obtained information about a boat powered by outboard boat PK 40 Yamaha brand which was suspected of frequent criminal acts of theft of goods from the ship.

The Lantamal IV F1QR Team immediately followed up on the information and the division of tasks was carried out namely the land team to investigate on land and the sea team to carry out patrols in the waters of Sekupang, Tanjung Uncang, Sagulung and Dapur 12 Batam.

On Thursday (05/21/2020) at around 20.30 West Indonesia Time, the Sea Rider team who were patrolling the waters of the Batam Straits saw a suspicious beating boat moving from the direction of Tanjung Uncang towards Buluh Sagulung Island.

“The chase was carried out but they ran away so efforts were made to frustrate the beating boat. And they fled towards the mangrove forest, it is estimated that the contents of the passengers numbered 4-5 people,” Saul explained again.

Based on developments in the field, the F1QR Team finally succeeded in securing the two perpetrators, namely the initials SB alias D and the initial H respectively in Dapur 12 and Labuh Island, Batam the next day at around 6:00 a.m.

Referring to the testimonies of the two actors then carried out development through telephone number tracing and the team securing the other two actors namely SE at Sagulung BTS and JS at his house in Kavati Melati Sei Pelunggut Sagulung.

“Both of them are longtime special piracy players. From the results of the interim examination, they claimed to have pirated on the MT Medan tanker anchored in the waters of Batu Ampar Batam and on the MT Ocean Leader on May 17, 2020,” Saul said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)