Indonesian Navy Deploys Fiver Warships to Secure North Natuna Sea

photo: Puspen TNI

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian Navy deployed five warships in turn to secure the North Natuna Sea following news of the emergence of a number of Chinese warships in the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) last Monday.

Commander of the Fleet Command (Pangkoarmada) I Rear Admiral Indonesian Army Arsyad Abdullah said the fuve warships would take turns patrolling so they could monitor ships entering Indonesian waters.

“Alternately, there are at least three or four warships at sea while others carry out re-stocking,” explained Arsyad Abdullah in his official statement, Anadolu Agency reported.

The Indonesian Navy will also conduct air patrols to ensure the situation in the North Natuna Sea, which is directly adjacent to the South China Sea.

Arsyad Abdullah stated that the Navy would be firm in protecting national interests in Indonesian territory in accordance with the provisions of national law and ratified international law.

“So there is no tolerance for various forms of violations in the North Natuna Sea,” said Pangkoarmada I.

He ensured that currently the waters of the North Natuna Sea were under control.

“In securing the North Natuna Sea, it is required that the presence of the KRI is always 1 x 24 hours in the area,” he continued.

Quoted from various sources, Indonesian fishermen saw a number of Chinese warships in the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the North Natuna Sea on September 13 last.

One such ship is the destroyer Kunming-172.

The fisherman admitted that he was afraid to see the warships pacing in the Natuna Sea. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)