Indonesian Fertilizer Technology Gets Patents from the US

Indonesian Fertilizer (photo screenshot)

Chicago,MINA – Indonesian entrepreneur R. Umar Hasan Saputra managed to obtain the only patent from the United Sates Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for coal-based fertilizer production technology.

By issuing these patents, besides being able to shift the market of the agricultural industry in the US, it also opens investment opportunities that include factories and equips marketing of these fertilizer products at a global level.

According to Umar, the patents for the technology had several advantages, including: fertilizers produced from low calorie coal base materials that are widely available in various countries.

“This fertilizer is organic and environmentally friendly because it can improve soil conditions quickly and massively so that it is more economical with chemical fertilizers,” Umar said as reported by on Monday.

Umar also explained the fertilizer is the result of development for 11 years through trials and has used various groups of farmers in the country.

“In addition to increase harvest yields. “It also has lower production costs and is able to reduce the use of pesticides so as to minimize side effects to plants or soil,” he continued.

As a follow-up step after the issuance of his patent, the Micro-Carbon Glogens Organic Fertilizer trademark will process licensing and licensing applications to related parties in the US, before entering into the installation of broader marketing tools.

To support these efforts, Glogens has also approved land in California to test coal fertilizer for rice plants, and is preparing additional land in Indiana for corn species.

The Indonesian Consul General (KJRI) in Chicago, Meri Binsar Simorangkir stated, his office and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) together with other Indonesian representatives in the US will assist the process of submitting standardization certifications to related institutions in the US, also in terms of promotional and marketing related to related parties iin the Midwest region.

This region is known as one of the centers of US agricultural and plantation production, such as soybeans, corn and wheat, so the US Midwest is one of the areas with high potential for Futura fertilizer marketing.

Umar’s company has also collaborated with Zimbabwe through the signing of an agreement that provided land for testing the use of fertilizer in Zimbabwe.

After marketing the fertilizer in Zimbabwe for 1-2 years, the coal fertilizer is in accordance with plans to be launched in various other African countries, including Kenya, Zambia, Namibia and Ghana.

It is hoped that coal-based fertilizer marketing is expected to also be able to transfer other continental markets such as Europe, Asia and Australia. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)