Indonesian Conscience Kindergarten in Gaza Holds Graduation

(File: Republika)

Gaza, MINA – Kindergarten School of Indonesian Conscience in Gaza held a graduation ceremonial on Sunday, June 16, as the result of the contribution of Indonesian people to Palestinians.

The graduation ceremony was attended by student guardians, and the founder of Indonesian Conscience Kindergarten in Gaza, Abdillah Onim with her children and wife.

The graduation ceremony began with the recitation of holy Al-Qur’an, reading of the hadith by graduates followed by screening of Indonesian Raya anthem. While singing Indonesia Raya, all attendees were welcome to stand as a form of respect for Indonesia.

The director of Indonesian Conscience Kindergarten, Wafa Hils said that this was the third graduation since the Kindergarten was founded. This force was named “Al-Hurriyah (Independence)” which numbered 85 students.

“The other two generations were graduated two years earlier, each named Al-Aqsa and Al-Karamah (glory),” Wafa said in a release received by on Wednesday.

Wafa said that the hue of happiness was clearly reflected in the eyes of guardian parents when they witnessed the success of their children in school. “How not, they are hope of the future of Palestinian people,” he said.

He explained that the acceptance of new students in Indonesian Conscience Kindergarten was very open. Even though it is prioritized for orphans and poor families. Those who are accepted will be exempt from school fees.

In addition, they were also given various types of assistance according to the needs of life in Gaza. “Including pocket money, the cost of purchasing books, transportation money, winter clothes and food and other assistance,” he explained.

Wafa hopes that his students can continue their education to elementary school. They are also expected to grow according to Islamic values ​​and morals that have been planted while in Nurani. He is optimistic that they will be the best generation that will boast of the nation, religion and people.

At the end of his remarks, Director of Nurani Kindergarten expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation for Indonesian citizens who had extended their noble hands to save the future of Gaza’s children. He hopes that Allah will repay the kindness of their brothers and sisters in Muslim community and in Indonesia. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)