Indonesia Sends 20 Da’i to UAE to Introduce the Concepth of Religious Moderation Da’wah

Indonesia Sends 20 Da'i to UAE to Introduce the Concepth of Religius Moderation Da'wah (photo: Kemenag RI)

Abu Dhabi, MINA – Indonesian Ministry of Religion sent 20 da’i (preachers) to take part Daurah Tadrib Du’at in Abu Dhabi, Uni Arab Emirates (UEA).

The event which is organized by UEA Ministry of Islamic Affairs has been taking place from January 6-21, 2024.

The Indonesian delegation was representatives from Islamic Organizations, Universities, Islamic Boarding Schools, Islamic Religius Instructors dan National Da’i Councils who were alumni of Islamic Religious Lecturer Guidance Participants.

The Chief of Sub-Directorate for Dakwah and Islamic Holidays, Ministry of Relogion, Andi YASRI said, the da’i who were sent to UAE also become Indonesian representatives to Introduce the concepth of Religious Moderation.

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“They will explain how to preach with moderate attitude and act, namely placing things according to their portion, prioritizing tolerance and respect for religion,” said Andi in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Andi said, the Indonesian delegation also would take part in a number of events, including team building, capacity building, and visiting UAE Fatwa Council, historic mosques, and museum.

He emphasized, every delegation must actualize the knowledge gained from the event through written work.

“Through this activity, we (the Ministry of Religion) and the UAE Islamic Religious Affairs Authority and Waqf Institution aim to strengthen cooperation in the field of capacity building for mosque imams, khatibs and muftihs through various activities and visits,” he said.

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Andi hopes that this activity can continue in other fields, such as increasing the capacity of Nazirs for the development of waqf in Indonesia.

Pn the same occasion, Young Expert Policy Analyst at the Da’wah and HBI Sub-Directorate, Subhan Nur Mahmud, said that his party also visited the premises of mosque imams from Indonesia who served in the UAE.

“We also met mosque imams from Indonesia who live here, saw their living facilities, and ensured their welfare. “We are grateful that the facilities are very adequate,” explained Subhan.

Subhan said that every year the Ministry of Religion sends mosque imams to the UAE through strict selection. He hopes that, through this program, mosque imams will expand their international network.

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“There is an opportunity for Indonesian mosque imams to expand international networks, introduce the concept of religious moderation to the world, and through various activities can support strong cooperation between nations,” he added. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)