Indonesia: Macron’s Statement Broke Religious Diversity

Photo: Setkab

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia condemned the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron which hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world and broke the unity between religious communities.

“This statement has hurt the feelings of more than 2 billion Muslims around the world and has broken the unity of religious communities in the world,” wrote the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press statement quoted by MINA on Saturday.

The Indonesian government explained that the right to freedom of expression is not carried out by injuring the honor, sanctity and sacredness of religious values ​​and symbols.

Therefore, as the third largest democracy and the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia invites all countries to encourage unity and tolerance among religious communities, especially amid the current pandemic situation.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also summoned the French Ambassador in Jakarta, Olivier Chambard, to convey this criticism.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the French Ambassador in Jakarta today. During the meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statement made by the President of France, “said Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Teuku Faizasyah.

In addition, member of Commission VIII Indonesian House pf Representativr, Bukhori Yusuf, said that Muslims around the world should be angry and criticize the hostility shown explicitly by the President of France.

He said this on Tuesday to MINA, related to Macron’s hostility towards Muslims after the incident of the murder of a French teacher who was showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in a class. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)