Indonesia has Large Sharia Business Opportunities: CEO

Sharia Business (foto:special)

New York, MINA – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sharia Indonesia (SI) LLC, Hartadinata Harianto assessed that opportunity of sharia business in Indonesia is actually very large.

However, the man who lives in New York, United States (US) is surprised why sharia-based business in Malaysia is even more developed.

In fact, according to him, Indonesia is ten times bigger than Malaysia and has very large population.

“The US thinks Malaysia is bigger than Indonesia. Even though, it’s the opposite. Therefore I want Indonesia to progress. I want to help economic growth in Indonesia, “Hartadinata said in a written statement received by Republika on Sunday, September 8.

To help Indonesia, this 25-year-old man in the near future will run sharia-based development project in Indonesia, whose financing is funded by Syariah Indonesia (SI) LLC.

The sharia-based development projects include Sharia Property, Sharia HealthCare (Hospitals & Clinics), Halal Tourism (Hajj & Umrah), and Agro Business.

Hartadinata has the view that in Islamic economics there are good business methods, promoting win-win, and not to the detriment. Therefore, he chose to develop sharia-based economy in Indonesia.

“In America, there are many investment companies whose orientation is only pursuing profit. In business and finance, it is an effective strategy. But my father, my team, and I felt that a profit-oriented business was not a good business. I do not want one party to benefit maximally, but on the other hand there is a party that is disadvantaged, “said Hartadinata.

If you understand the fundamental principles of sharia, win-win for every one is the main reason why Hartadinata is interested in sharia. Hartadinata claimed he was not interested if the principle of winning was only for him, while others lost.

“Since childhood I have been taught by my father, not to hurt and harm others. I can accept losses but I cannot harm others, “said the CEO of Stern Group (SR).

According to him, his father grew up in Lamongan and had many friends from among Muslims, so his father knew a Muslim personally since he was a child.

Meanwhile, Hartadibata himself grew up in New York and Singapore, so he had many Muslim, Catholic, and Buddhist friends.

Grew up in New York and had an educational background there, Hartadinata saw that sharia was not only accepted by those who were non-Muslims, but also received appreciation from them. Therefore, he, and his father were annoyed when Islamophobia emerged in the West.

“We can respect the philosophy of religion, including sharia. For me, sharia is the right way, “explained the man who claimed to be inspired by Ustadz Valentino Dinsi. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)