Indonesia Grants Rp 7.5 Billion for Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi along with ASEAN Secretary-General Lim Jock Hoi witnessed the signing of the Rp 7.5 billion Grant Aid Agreement to Myanmar which was channeled through the ASEAN Secretariat for helping repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Rakhine State.

The grant is a manifestation of Indonesia’s commitment to support the work of the AdHoc Support Team in facilitating the voluntary, safe, and dignified repatriation of refugees.

“In accordance with the agreement, the government will provide Rp. 7,500,000,000 (seven billion five hundred million Rupiah) to the Government of Myanmar and channeled and managed by the ASEAN Secretariat through the Ad-Hoc Support Team, “said the Foreign Minister after witnessing the signing of agreement at the Pancasila Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday.

In the signing, Indonesia was represented by Luky Alfirman, the Director General of Financing and Risk Management of Indonesian Ministry of Finance, and ASEAN Secretariat represented by R.M. Michael Tene, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs.

Through the grant, it is hoped that the Ad-Hoc Support Team can carry out its work in order to facilitate the implementation of PNA recommendations, create dialogue and communication, and mutual trust with relevant parties.

“ASEAN has no other choice, ASEAN must work hard collectively to resolve this challenge, continue ASEAN’s relevance to regional security and peace and ensure ASEAN’s contribution to the welfare of its people,” said the Foreign Minister.

Previously, the government together with humanitarian agency PMI and MER-C had also completed the construction of the Indonesian Hospital in Mrauk U, Rakhine State and been submitted via bilateral channels to the Government of Myanmar.

In addition to helping improve health access, the construction of a hospital is also expected to be a means for the reconciliation process for all levels of society in Rakhine State.

The grant is the first grant aid given to Myanmar by ASEAN member countries, outside the bilateral framework. It is also part of Indonesia’s granting plan in 2019.

Previously, Indonesia also provided some grant assistance to other countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as Fiji, Nauru, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands. The total grant amounted to US $14.8 million. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)