Hassanah Al-Saba, Jamaica’s First Muslim Female Pilot

Achieving her childhood dream, Hassanah Al-Saba on August 29, became the first Muslim female pilot on the South American Island of Jamaica.

“I couldn’t believe that it was me on TV and in the newspapers,” Hassanah told Travel Noire, quoted by AboutIslam.

“But that has passed and now I really hope I inspire others and emulate our motto ‘Out of Many, One People.’ I am a proud Jamaican and I look forward to showing people that dreams are within reach,” she said.

Celebrated across the country, where Islam is a minority religion, Hassanah’s accomplishments began with a young girl’s dream who loved the feeling she took to the skies on a plane, while traveling to visit her grandparents in Trinidad.

“Since then, my eyes have always been fixed on the sky and my interest in airplanes has only grown. I like to see beautiful scenery. The nature is amazing and the love of flying gave me the opportunity to soak up the beautiful scenery,” he recalls.

“Flying also makes me feel free. I can rise to the sky and leave my worries on the ground. It’s just me and the clouds shaking,” said Hassanah.

Hassanah passed her flight exam on August 25 and received her license on August 29. His next dream was to get commercial license training and fly for an airline.

Jamaica is a predominantly Christian country, with Islam being the minority religion.

The first Muslims arrived in Jamaica as enslaved people. Islam is one of the main religions of Africans brought to the Caribbean and America.

Today, there are about 5,000 Jamaicans who are Muslim. There are eleven mosques across the island. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)