Halal Cosmic Trends Developed in London

London, MINA – Halal cosmic trends have developed over the past few years. Recently in London present halal-certified cosmetics that attract the attention of the world community.

Shade M branded cosmetics were only released in June 2019. Jolie Nubani and Nour Khalife who have worked in the international beauty industry such as Chanel to L’Oreal are the founders.

Seeing the increasing Muslim population in the world, both claim to want to take advantage of business opportunities. They hope to provide halal beauty products to all Muslim women.

Even so, both emphasized Shade M is not only intended for Muslim women but can be used by all women regardless of belief.

“Halal is not limited to Islam and regulations covering food and beverage consumption. Halal extends to beauty, increasing demand for cosmetics is something that needs to be announced,” Jolie said as quoted by Dazed Digital on Friday, October 11

Beside from halal, she stated Shade M is also vegan and free from violence on animals.  That way, cosmetics lovers need not worry.

The first product that Shade M launched was 16 color liquid lipstick. Furthermore, to be increasingly known, Shade M took a number of hijab influencers such as Malaysian singer, Yuna. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)