German Mosques Receive Anti-Muslim Hate Letter

Cologne, MINA – The letter sent to the Aqsa Mosque reads, “Islam does not belong to Germany or Europe” and “We will remove Islam and Islamism from Germany,” according to the Muslim-Turkish umbrella group DITIB.

Hakan Tasdemir, head of the DITIB in Hufingen, said that the letter made them sad and very concerned.

He added that the mosque had been operating since 1996 and this was the first incident they reported. Thus quotef from SPNA om Saturday.

Tasdemir went on to say that they had notified the authorities and an investigation had been launched.

Earlier, in August, at least two mosques in the central German state of Hesse also received threat letters. Neo-Nazi suspects sent threatening letters to mosques in the small town of Fuerth and the nearby district of Wahlen, said Salih Ozkan, representative of the Muslim-Turkish umbrella group DITIB.

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He said the letters contained threats of violence against Muslims, and were signed by a group calling itself “NSE 2020”.

He called on the police to carry out a serious investigation and provide greater protection to the mosque.

It is not clear whether the threat is linked to the neo-Nazi shadow network “NSU 2.0”, which has sent hundreds of death threats to prominent Muslims and immigrants in the past two years.

In July, German authorities arrested a retired policeman and his wife on suspicion of writing and sending several threatening letters.

The signature “NSU 2.0” refers to the far-right terror organization National Socialist Underground (NSU).

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The shadowy NSU group killed 10 people, including eight Turks and one Greek immigrant and a police officer, between 2000 and 2007, but the killings remain unresolved.

While recent disclosures suggest that Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has dozens of informants with contacts with the NSU suspects, officials insist they have no prior information about the NSU terror cell and the killings. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)