Gaza Experiences Highest Humanitarian Crisis: Report

Humanitarian Crises in Gaza (photo:special)

Istanbul, MINA – Gaza Assistance Association based in Istanbul, Turkey held a conference that discussed the humanitarian conditions that occurred in the Gaza Strip.

On the agenda, the association also released its annual report on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza region.

General Manager of Gaza Relief Association, Abdul Majid Al-Aloul said there was a humanitarian crisis that was classified as tragic during Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Al-Aloul said that the number of humanitarian crises in Gaza was the highest in the world. This tragic humanitarian record refers to several indicators.

Gaza experienced humanitarian crises such as unemployment, poverty, and water pollution. In the field of unemployment with a rate of 52 percent, poverty 53 percent, and water pollution 95 percent.

“Meanwhile, the daily power outage rate reached 75 percent,” he said as reported by Anadolu Agency on Saturday, September 7.

In fact, Al-Aloul said the humanitarian conditions in Gaza had been the worst for years under a blockade by Israel. The level of drug shortages reaches 50 percent.

In addition, according to the regional representative of International Crescent Islamic Committee, Umar Tasli who attended the conference, the lack of medical supplies in Gaza was at the percentage of 27 percent.

Regarding settlements, 77 percent of homes in Gaza have been destroyed and damaged by Israeli attacks.

Head of Run4, a philanthropic foundation based in the Netherlands, Anne Jellema, said this situation had left thousands of families homeless or displaced amid the paralysis of the reconstruction process.

Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007. The blockade was carried out after Palestinian group Hamas took over the path from rival group Fatah. The blockade has a negative impact on livelihoods in the Palestinian enclave. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)