Five Types of Betrayal that are Forbidden in Islam

Photo Source: Islampos

A Muslim should do good in life, so he should not cheat and betray anyone. At least there are several types of treason that are prohibited in Islam.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jazairi in the book Minhajul Muslim describes five types of treason that are prohibited in Islam. Here’s the description:

First, embellishing bad, evil, or corrupt deeds so that his brother falls into that damage.

Second, showing the outside of something that is good and good by hiding the inside that is bad and damaged.

Third, reveal what is contrary to his heart’s intentions, keep it a secret to deceive, deceive and deceive others.

Fourth, intentionally damage other people’s property, or his wife, children, assistants, friends by slandering or playing against each other.

Fifth, promise to keep someone or property or secrets, but betray them.

Whereas a Muslim in avoiding this character is for the sake of obeying Allah and the Messenger of Allah. This is as stated in the Qur’an Surah Al-Ahzab verse 58.

Allah said, “Walladzina yu’dzuna al-mukminina wal-mukminaati bighairi maaktasabuu faqadihtamaluu buhtanan wa itsman mubinan,”. Which means, “And those who hurt the Believers and Believers without what they did wrong, then indeed they have shouldered a lie and a clear sin,”.

In a hadith, Rasulullah Shalallahu alaihi wasallam once rebuked a merchant who tried to commit fraud. At that time the Messenger of Allah was passing piles of food in a large sack, he put his hand in it and then his fingers touched a wet object.

The Prophet asked, “What is this, O food seller?”. The seller replied, “It was raining, O Messenger of Allah,”.

The Prophet then advised, “Afala ja’alathu fauqa at-tha’am kay yarahunnas? Man ghassya falaysa minniy,”. Which means, “Why don’t you put it on the top of the food so that people can see it? Whoever cheats, then he is not one of my group,?”. (T/RE1)


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