Ali Farkhan Tsani: Islam is the Perfect and Universal Religion

Ali Farkhan Tsani

Jakarta, MINA – Islamic preacher of Islamic Boarding School Al-Fatah, Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java Ali Farkhan Tsani said Islam is a perfect and universal religion, a religion of honesty and trustworthiness, a religion of glory and strength.

“Islam is built on the basis of monotheism, while the spirit is sincerity, and the sign is tolerance and brotherhood of fellow human beings,” Ali Farkhan said in his Tausiyah at Hizbullah Mosque, North Jakarta on Sunday.

According to him, the entire content of the Islamic religion is goodness and benefit for mankind.

Islam is an easy religion, a religion of tolerance, a religion of justice and equality, a religion full of tenderness, love, affection and brotherhood.

“Islam is a religion that teaches science and charity, and shows the straight path. Therefore Islam commands Muslims to forbid bad deeds, “said Ali Farkhan, who is also Senior Editor of the Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

He continued every command of the Islamic religion must contain benefits and goodness, and vice versa the prohibition of the Islamic religion must contain harm and ugliness. So, every command and prohibition of Islam is among its beauty.

Islamic Sharia is established to safeguard and preserve five important and fundamental things, namely: religion, soul, ancestry, reason and wealth. All of these constitute five urgent matters of human life (Adh-Dharuriyat al-Khamsu).

So, it is said that everyone who violates one of these issues must get the shari’ah punishment that is adjusted to the violation.

“One of the evidences that shows the height of Islam is the prescribed (hudud) punishment of criminal offenders in certain cases,” he said.

Especially, in crimes that result in losses to other parties both material, moral and soul.

Therefore Islam is very strict and firm in protecting the Ummah, both relating to soul, wealth, honor, reason, and so forth. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)