European Parliament Members Urge EU to Support South Africa’s ICJ Case against Israel

Brussels, MINA – In a compelling plenary session of the European Parliament (EP), members passionately called for the European Union to rally behind South Africa’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) case against Israel, accusing the nation of committing “genocide” in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports.

Irish EP member Clare Daly delivered a powerful speech, asserting that because of its actions, including the killing of tens of thousands of civilians and relentless bombardment in Gaza, Israel has lost the support of the international public.

Daly criticized Israel for what she called “provocative” actions aimed at inciting regional conflict, and she accused the nation of seeking assistance from the US to evade accountability.

Daly’s scathing remarks also targeted European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the US, drawing parallels to the situation in Yemen.


“As we saw in Yemen, butcher Biden is preparing for office with Madame Genocide (von der Leyen) by his side. They are the ones who ensure the continuation of Israeli terrorism. If it weren’t for them, it would have ended long ago,” she said.

Ciaran Cuffe, an EP member with the Greens group, emphasized the need for Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to face consequences for violating international law.

Cuffe highlighted the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where continuous Israeli bombardment hinders the delivery of essential aid and medical supplies, leading to surgeries on children being conducted without anesthesia.

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Finnish EP member Heidi Hautala also urgently called for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, citing the impossibility of meeting basic medical needs due to Israel’s bombings.

Hautala stressed the significance of the ICJ thoroughly investigating the allegations of Israeli violations of the Genocide Convention.

She called on the EU to throw its weight behind South Africa’s case and demand Israel’s compliance with any interim measures imposed by the court.

Portuguese Socialist EP member Pedro Marques brought attention to the staggering death toll in Gaza, with 70% of the victims being women and children.

Marques emphasized the urgency of holding those responsible for violations of international law and war crimes accountable.

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French EP member Manon Aubry underscored the need to support South Africa’s case at the ICJ, labeling Israel’s actions as “genocidal.” She called for the suspension of partnership agreements with Israel and a halt to arms exports, urging an end to complicity.

Greek EP member Kostas Papadakis expressed support for South Africa’s ICJ case, describing the ongoing attacks in Gaza as “genocide.”

Swedish EP member Abir Al-Sahlani drew attention to the devastating impact on children in Gaza, emphasizing the alarming number of child casualties. Al-Sahlani urged collective action to stop being complicit in the face of such atrocities. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)