Egypt Mediates Israel and Gaza’s Resistance Factions to Prevent Escalation

Gaza, MINA – Egypt is in contact with the Israeli occupation authorities and leaders of resistance factions in the Gaza Strip to defuse the situation and prevent an escalation from happening again.

According to the MINA Contributor in Gaza on Wednesday, Egypt invited Israeli officials to an urgent meeting in Cairo in the coming days.

Egypt said Israel had failed to comply with the agreement by barring the entry of some aid, including a Qatari grant to Gaza and narrowing of fishing grounds.

According to local sources, Egyptian officials are also pressuring Palestinian factions to comply with the current non-escalation.

The conditions heated up again after Israel launched several air strikes on Gaza in retaliation for the launch of balloons burning Palestinian resistance factions. (T-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)