Dozens of Mothers Rally in Istanbul Demanding to Stop Israeli Genocide

Dozens of mothers in Istanbul, Turkiye, held a demonstration demanding an immediate end to the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip, Palestine on Wednesday (24/4/2024). (Photo: Nurhadis/MINA)

Istanbul, MINA – Dozens of mothers in Istanbul, Turkiye held a demonstration urging an immediate end to the Israeli genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been going on for six months.

MINA journalist reports at the location on Wednesday, a mass of mothers held a sit-in together in Sultan Ahmed Square, Istanbul Turkiye, urging a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible.

Apart from that, the masses also asked the relevant authorities to open the Rafah Gate as wide as possible, so that food and medicine aid could immediately enter Gaza, Palestine.

Participating in this action were participants from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition who also demanded that their fleet be immediately given permission by the Turkiye government to sail through the blockade of Gaza.

The crowd also prayed together for the safety of the Palestinian Gaza residents. This sit-in action with mothers will be held every day until next Sunday, starting at 15.00 to 22.00 Istanbul time. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)