Din Syamsudin Suggests Indonesia to Send Military Aid to Gaza 

Jakarta, MINA – Chairman of the Indonesia Palestine Friendship Initiative, Prof. Muhammad Sirajuddin Syamsuddin proposed that the Indonesian government send military aid to Gaza, Palestine.

“The best way to stop the occupation of Gaza is through military action. “We will ensure, if necessary, we will urge the Indonesian government to send military aid to Gaza,” he said while giving a speech at a Palestinian solidarity action at the Horse Statue in Jakarta on Sunday.

Din Syamsudin, as he is familiarly known, said he would invite Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries such as Turkiye, Al-Jazair to help Palestine from a military perspective.

“We will even invite countries outside the OIC such as Russia to also send military aid to Gaza,” said the Muhammadiyah figure.

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Opening his speech, Din Syamsudin said that what Israel did to Palestine was a real terrorist act.

“What Israel is doing to Palestine is a serious violation of human rights. “What Israel is doing to Palestine is barbarism, tyranny, a real form of terrorism, we are running out of words to describe this crime,” he said.

Furthermore, Din appreciated the movement of the international community, especially students in Europe, who set up tents in the campus area to demand the end of university cooperation with Zionist Israel.

“Thank God, the whole world is moving, even on American campuses, to show sympathy and solidarity with Palestine,” he said.

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“So, as a nation that loves peace and justice, especially Muslims, don’t remain silent, don’t ignore it, don’t have any enthusiasm at all to defend Palestine,” he added.

In this action thousands of people from various regions in Indonesia gathered at the Horse Statue to voice Palestinian solidarity and condemnation of Zionist Israel.

From MINA’s monitoring at the location, the demonstrators looked enthusiastic and enthusiastic, waving the Palestinian flag and singing songs of support for the occupied country. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)