Din Syamsuddin Calls on Parties, the Issue of Radicalism Not Directed to Islam

Jakarta, MINA – Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council Advisory (Wantim MUI), Din Syamsuddin, called on all parties not to openly or covertly direct the issue of radicalism to Muslims.

“The issue of radicalism does not need to be developed unilaterally as a tendentious promoter to Islam. Radicalism to the level of extremism can enter various aspects such as the state, religion, politics, social and so on,” Din said, through Zoom Meeting on Tuesday.

According to Din, his institution was quite concerned with the development of radicalism narratives aimed at Muslims. He stressed, the accusation of Islam is radical is a one-sided accusation that is not fair.

Whereas the National Police, he continued, a few years ago had revealed that radicalism had nothing to do with any religion. In fact, radicalism exists in various fields be it social, economic, even political.

Din appealed to all elements not to play the issue of radicalism by cornering Islam or certain groups. It is better for the energy of the nation and society, he said, to focus on tackling a new type of corona virus (Covid-19).

“Radicalism and extremism are not only because of religion, but can be motivated by economic injustice. Because the economy is only controlled or dominated by a handful of parties, so economic radicalism is an extremism that is motivated by injustice,” he concluded. (LT/R7/P2

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)