Din Syamsuddin Urges OIC Emergency Meeting Ahead of Hajj Implementation

Din Syamsuddin

Jakarta, MINA – Chairperson of Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council, Din Syamsuddin, proposed holding an emergency session of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) to discuss and decide on steps taken ahead of the implementation of pilgrimage among countries having thr coronavirus case (Covid-19).

“Obviously, there needs to be an emergency session of the OIC to decide (the organization of the pilgrimage) this year,” Din said in Jakarta as quoted from hajinews on Saturday, March 7.

According to him, the decision of Saudi Arabia to conduct a moratorium on migrants from countries indicated that the coronavirus could not necessarily be blamed because Saudi Arabia has the right to provide security not only for its own people, but also security for Muslims around the world.

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It must also be seen by Muslim communities in OIC participating countries, including Indonesia.

The transmission of the virus is seen by Din would be difficult to avoid if given the large number of pilgrims present during the Hajj. He also felt that the world Muslim community could understand the reasons for the Saudi Arabian government to implement the moratorium.

But still said Din, which needs to be considered until when the moratorium was imposed.

“We hope that the Saudi Arabian government will also open up opportunities and provide wisdom, not absolutely so. This is the challenge, “Din said.

Din also believes the need for a technology that can detect coronavirus early from the departure in the home country of pilgrims and until the pilgrims arrive in Saudi.

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With the absolute moratorium imposed by the Saudis so that the pilgrimage is not held will have an impact on millions of people who will feel disappointed.

Din asked the government of the Republic of Indonesia to actively take steps and lobby the Saudi Arabian government by taking into account the existing conditions. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)