Depok City Strengthens Role of Mosque as Worship Center

Depok, West Java, MINA – In order to improve the role of mosques as centers of worship for Muslims, Depok City Government held technical guidance for the administrators of Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM). The event was attended by 170 participants representing a number of mosques in the city of Depok, West Java.

“The participants who were present consisted of administrators and religious leaders in each of the DKM,” said Assistant of Government and Social Welfare, Depok City Secretariat, Sri Utomo at the Sasono Mulyo Building, Jatimulya, Depok City, as quoted from Republika on Wednesday, October 9.

Sri said that the technical guidance was held for one day with the aim to improve the quality of the Human Resources manager of the mosque and in order to optimize the mosque’s role as a convenient place of worship and center for social activities for Muslims.

“Hopefully, this activity can provide benefits for all of us,” he explained.

One of the technical guidance participants, Armadi, said that he was enthusiastic about participating in the activity. According to him, technical guidance can increase the understanding of DKM officials in maximizing the role of the mosque as a center of worship and also a center for social activities.

“Technical guidance like this is quite good because it can add to our insight to maximize the role of the mosque. It is not only as a center of worship but also as a center for social activities,” he said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)