COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 3,085 People

Wuhan, MINA – The number of coronavirus or COVID-19 death toll in worldwide on Tuesday, March 4 reached to 3,085 people.

Meanwhile, 45,581 patients were recovered from the virus.

As quoted from CNN, the number of people infected with the coronavirus is still dominated in China reaching 80,026 people. From those, 2,912 Chinese were declared dead, while recovering reached 44,810 people.

The country with the second largest population after China is South Korea. There are 4,335 local residents who tested positive for the coronavirus.

It was reported that 28 South Koreans died from the coronavirus and 30 people recovered.

In Europe, Italy is the center of the spread of the coronavirus. A total of 2,036 people in the country tested positive for the coronavirus, with 52 dead and 149 recovering.

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Then, in the West Asian region, Iran became the center of the spread of the coronavirus with an infected population reaching 1,501 people. From those, 66 people were declared dead and 291 people were reported to have been recovered. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)