Climate Crisis Caused by Moral Crisis: Hayu Prabowo

Chairman of the MUI Environmental and Natural Resources Breeding Institute (LPLH-SDA), Hayu Prabowo. (Photo: Screenshot of Tawaf TV)

Jakarta, MINA – Chairperson of the Environmental and Natural Resources Breeding Institute of Indonesian Ulema Council (LPLH-SDA), Hayu Prabowo revealed that the climate crisis was caused by moral crisis.

“This is a da’wah, how to change human behavior, especially the earth itself,” said Hayu at the ASEAN Mosque Community International Conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He really hopes that mosques can play a strategic role in changing the morals of Muslims in order to suppress the climate crisis.

Hayu likens the earth to a mosque, which must also be cared for.

During his tenure as Chair of the LPLH SDA MUI, he admitted that he had formulated six fatwas on the Environment and Human Resources.

The six fatwas are Fatwa Number 4 of 2014 concerning Conservation of Endangered Animals, Fatwa Number 47 of 2014 concerning Waste Management, Fatwa Number 30 of 2016 concerning Forest and Land Burning.

Then, Fatwa Number 2 of 2010 concerning Water Recycling, and Fatwa Number 1 of the 9th MUI National Conference 2015 concerning the Utilization of Ziswaf for the Development of Water Facilities and Community Sanitation.

“Well, this is where MUI has issued a fatwa. This fatwa must be passed down into people’s lives and this is the function of the mosque,” he explained.

Hayu, who is also the Head of the Department of Inter-Agency Relations, Foreign Relations and the Environment of Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI), added that the fatwa was then made a guide book to be disseminated and applied by the public. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)