Britain Reveals Benefits of Brexit for Indonesia

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Jakarta, MINA – British Ambassador in Jakarta, Owen Jenkins, explained his country’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) brought benefits for Indonesia, especially in the context of bilateral relations.

According to Jenkins, Brexit made Britain more open to the world and independent, especially in implementing its foreign policy, strengthening relations with other countries, including Indonesia, even the European Union.

“Brexit offers a huge opportunity for Indonesia,” Jenkins said at a press conference at his embassy in Jakarta on Friday, January 31.

“Getting out of the European Union makes us more global. A global UK means new relations with the European Union and closer bilateral relations with other countries, including Indonesia,” Jenkins added.

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Jenkins explained that post-Brexit, Britain will no longer be bound by EU rules in establishing relations with other countries. That way, said Jenkins, Britain could more freely increase the volume of trade with Indonesia from both directions.

“After Brexit, Britain can strengthen economic cooperation with Indonesia, reduce trade barriers such as tariffs and so on, market access between the two countries can also be expanded,” Jenkins said.

During this time, Jenkins explained that Britain is the largest importer of Indonesian wood among EU countries.

Post-Brexit, he stressed that the UK would continue the import according to the FLEG-T VPA scheme or an agreement between the European Union-Indonesia regarding the sale of sustainable timber in accordance with the rules in the buying European country.

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“The UK and Indonesia are already doing business with WTO requirements, so the trade relations between the two countries remain the same (post Brexit). We have signed agreements similar to EU agreements on legal timber, to ensure sustainability. And we have launched a Joint Trade Review together, to seek know where our future opportunities are, “Jenkins said.

Jenkins said Brexit also provided an opportunity for Britain to open up again to migrants. He said recently Britain had adopted a policy that allowed international students to live and work for two years after completing their studies in the western European country.

After being delayed for four times, the UK finally officially left the European Union on Friday at 11:00 p.m local time.


Jenkins said today was a very historic day for the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson because it succeeded in realizing the wishes of the British people in the Brexit referendum in 2016. (T/RE1)

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