Austrian Muslim Provides Food for 100 Homeless A Day

Vienna, MINA – A Muslim association in Vienna, Austrian (RAHMA), on Sunday distributed warm food to homeless and people in need.

Austrian RAHMA deputy chairman Omer Batur told Anadolu Agency said his agency had routinely provided warm food for the homeless three days a week.

Batur said they provided warm food for around 100 homeless people a day, both local and foreign residents in Austria welcomed this assistance “very positively”.

“Muslims are providing solutions to common problems in Austria through food aid,” he said.

According to Batur, social events like this were an important way to fight against the right-wing rhetoric that had increased in recent times in Austria.

The Austrian RAHMA Association, explained Batur, had also provided assistance to many needy people around the world for 25 years, including Syrians, Rohingya Muslims, and Palestinian refugees. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)