As 11 US Congressmen Oppose Israeli Annexation in the West Bank

Washington, MINA – Amid the reports that new Israeli coalition government will go ahead with the unilateral annexation program of the West Bank, as many as 11 members of the United States Congress issued a statement reaffirming opposition to Israeli action in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“As strong supporters of Israel and US-Israel relations, we are very concerned with reports that the newly formed coalition government in Israel intends to move forward with the unilateral annexation of the West Bank region,” 11 US lawmakers said in their statement, as quoted from Wafa News Agency on Friday, April 10.

The eleven MPs included representatives of Alan Lowenthal (CA), David Price (NC), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Gerald Connolly (VA), Peter Welch (VT), John Yarmuth (KY), Barbara Lee (CA), Andy Levin (MI)), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Deb Haaland (NM), and Lloyd Doggett (TX).

According to them, the Israeli plan contradicts several decades of bipartisan the US foreign policy and the wishes of the House of Representatives as recently expressed in H.Res.326, which opposes unilateral annexation and explicitly warns of the danger of peace efforts in the region and Israeli security.

“In the midst of a global health pandemic and current financial crisis, we urge all parties involved in forming a new government not to create additional crises by agreeing to move forward with unilateral annexation, the effects of which could result in additional catastrophic consequences. For all parties in the region and beyond, ” they said.

The US lawmakers expressed support for returning to the framework of a two-state solution to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“At this sensitive and critical time, we support a return to the two-state framework and urge all parties to refrain from commitments or actions, such as unilateral annexation, which weaken the possibility of serious bilateral negotiations, in good faith, which still represent the surest paths towards lasting peace, ” they added.

H.Res.326 is a reaffirmation of the House Representatives’ support for a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was ratified in December 2019. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)