A Palestinian Teenager Dies after Being Chased by Israeli Forces

West Bank, MINA – A Palestinian, 18-year-old Amer Snobar died on Sunday morning after being chased by Israeli forces in the West Bank, Palestine. The cause of death is still being debated.

Relatives of Amer Snobar said Israeli troops beat him to death. Meanwhile, the Israeli soldiers said Amer fell and hit his head as troops chased him.

The military said it was trying to arrest Amer after receiving reports that Palestinians threw stones at vehicles on a West Bank highway near the village north of Ramallah. When the troops arrived, soldiers said Amer and the second suspect were trying to escape.

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It said the military said Amer tripped and injured himself, while the second suspect fled. The Israeli army said they did not beat him and they failed to try to resuscitate him.

Relatives of Amer say they believe he was killed by Israeli forces after they spoke with witnesses at the scene. However, they refused to identify witnesses or allow witnesses to speak with The Associated Press, fearing the witness would be arrested. Arab News reported on Monday.

Amer’s body was taken to Ramallah Hospital, where doctors performed an autopsy. Hospital Director, Dr. Ahmed Bitawi said there were signs of trauma to Amer’s back and head, but also signs of attempted resuscitation in his chest.

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“The family told us he was beaten, but as doctors we have to find out through the forensics,” said Ahmed.

Dr Rayyan al-Ali, who performed the autopsy on Sunday, said it would take a week to determine the cause of Amer’s death. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)