A Palestinian Engineer Invents Smart Glasses to Help Hearing Impaired

Photo: QP

Gaza, MINA – A Palestinian engineer in the besieged Gaza Strip managed to invent smart glasses to help people with hearing disabilities understand sounds and convert them into written language, through the lenses in the glasses.

Passion in the field of artificial intelligence led engineer Nadia Zuhair Al-Khatib, a graduate of the Faculty of Information Technology from the Islamic University of Gaza City, to invent these glasses, as part of her graduation project from the College of Information Technology for the year 2020-2021.

Al-Khatib said with these smart glasses, which she has been dreaming of since choosing to major in information technology, thus quoted from Quds Press on Friday.

“The experiment in making these smart glasses began when I set out to develop an idea for my graduation project from the university, and I had already decided in myself that the graduation project in particular should not be just a project only, and it should be a tangible and real project, benefiting from a particular group and not be a digital addition,” she said.

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“I was adamant that the graduation project would be a great message, and the seed of a project with a great goal and serving millions of people, and I wanted to use artificial intelligence to combine my passion and my message and from it be the launch,” she added.

And she continued, “I had a message and an interest that every project of mine should be a message of love and peace to the world, including beautiful people (with special needs), all of them, not specifically a specific group.”

Al-Khatib explained that after deep thinking about determining the category that will benefit from this project, “I decided that the first message I would work on would be an introduction to this wonderful category (people with hearing needs).


She said: “One of the most important reasons for choosing this category is that I mix with one of them and feel the extent of fatigue, pain and isolation they suffer from, in addition to the lack of inventions offered and assistance to them. It helps them understand others by translating the voices of those with whom they speak into written language.

She added, ” Peace Ear Glasses are glasses attached to a small pocket-sized device that translates people’s voices and conversations through the microphone attached to the glasses, into written language that is displayed and reflected on the glasses lenses, to be read.” and understand it.”


And she continued: “The glasses are designed with a suitable accessory so that they do not obstruct vision, do not affect the eye, and are suitable to facilitate communication with those who cannot hear.”

Al-Khatib stressed that due to the scarcity and limited resources and parts, which was a major obstacle to the completion of the project, a prototype of this project was completed, which is a manual copy that needs a lot of processing, development and appropriate additions. To become a final product serving 466 million people with hearing needs.

The Palestinian engineer expressed her hope that a sponsor will be available, which will fully support the project; To make millions of glasses, and let’s see them on the market to serve this category. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)