10 Years of Mavi Marmara Tragedy, Activist Call for a United in Jama’ah Muslimin

Muhajirun, South Lampung, MINA – Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Mavi Marmara tragedy, an activist who participated in the Flotila to Gaza, called for Muslims to unite in Jama’ah Muslimin.

The call was echoed by Nur Ikhwan Abadi on Sunday in an interview with MINA.

He is an activist of Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) who was on board Mavi Marmara when Zionist Israel brutally attacked and aborted 10 Turkish activists.

“Even after 10 years of Mavi Marmara, Gaza was still blocked, 10 syuhada who at that time were willing to shed their blood to defend their brothers who were wronged,” said the activist from Al-Fatah Lampung.

Therefore, according to Nur Ikhwan, Muslims should unite in one forum, Jama’ah Muslimin and their Imaam (leader).

“And the increasingly uncertain world situation should strengthen the brotherhood of the Muslims, united in one line, namely in congregation,” he stressed.

“It is not even more divided, thereby eliminating the tremendous power of the Muslims,” ​​he added.

Nur Ikhwan stressed it was time for the Islamic ummah to rise up, unite for the mission to liberate Al-Aqsa mosque which is still controlled by Zionist Israel.

“The struggle for the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine is still long, and it needs mujahids (fighters) who are ready to sacrifice their lives and property as stated in Surah At-Taubah 111,” he stressed.

Mavi Marmara is one of the six ships that set sail to break the Gaza blockade in 2010 initiated by the Turkish IHH Humanitarian Institute.

A total of 750 activists from various countries, 12 of them from Indonesia, with around 10,000 tons of food and humanitarian assistance were on board.

10 passengers who were all Turkish nationals were shot dead by Israeli soldiers. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)