Director of Zahabi Hotel for Sharia Supervision, Muhammad Nasruddin (Photo: mirajnews)
The Director of Zahabi Sharia Hotel Supervision, Muhammad Nasruddin (Photo: MINA)

Zahabi Hotel has applied sharia concept recently. The hotel has been certified by the National Sharia Council under the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) supervision.

The Director of Zahabi Sharia Hotel Supervision, Muhammad Nasruddin said, the hotel which located in Jakarta offered sharia facilities such as rooms in modern architectural design with an worship equipment (sarong, mukenah, Al Qur’an and Qibla direction).

The hotel provides Al-Qur’an and a small library. There is a brief guide of praying (du’a).

“Zahabi hotel located in 165 Tower ESQ Building, South Jakarta. The hotel closes to the business complex and shopping center, Cilandak Town Square. The hotel can be accessed via the highway from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, “said Nasruddin.

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)’s reporter has interviewed The Director of Zahabi Sharia Hotel Supervision, Muhammad Nasruddin on Thursday Dec.11:

MINA: What is the background of  Zahabi Hotel applies Sharia concept?

Muhammad Nasruddin: The sharia concept applies Islamic values. There are certainly no alcoholic beverages in the restaurant and bed rooms. There are no illegal relation guests in one room. We plan to have a special room for single or unmarried guests.

MINA: What is the main difference between Sharia Conventional Hotels?

Muhammad Nasruddin: The conventional hotel usually sells alcoholic drinks and  non- halal foods. By applying sharia concept, we will examine the halal food composition and drinks.

MINA: How about the cost?

Muhammad Nasruddin: The price is relative. We impose about US$ 50 to 60 for regular room per day, and US$ 150 for VIP room per day.

The price included free meals and drinks such as coffee and tea. Everyone who stay in the hotel will get free mukenah and muslim shirt.

MINA: What is the Zahabi Hotel target in the future?

Muhammad Nasruddin: We will continue to defend the sharia concept. Our hotel does not serve non Islamic event such as Christmas, birthday and new year celebrations.

MINA: How about non-Muslim guests?

Muhammad Nasruddin: We will serve them by explaining sharia concept that is applied in our hotel. One of our missions is to give explanation about this concept to the guests.

MINA: What is the benefits of Zahabi hotel if compared with the neighbouring hotel?

Muhammad Nasruddin: One of the hotels that have applied sharia concept is Sofyan hotel. We should be able to create a new method with Islamic principles. We will invite the leaders of the sharia committee to talk about guidances of sharia law.

Sharia Hotels commonly just asking guests’ identify such as ID card and identity card of Marriage. I think it is not enough, we need to develop the concept deeply. (L /P009/R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)