Youth With Disability Among Several Palestinians Kidnapped by IOF

Photo: PIC

West Bank, MINA – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at daybreak Thursday kidnapped a number of Palestinians following a round of assaults carried out throughout the West Bank.

Israeli patrols rolled into Jenin’s western town of Yamon at the crack of dawn and ravaged the homes of a Palestinian civilian Aneid Hamdiya and his brother, Bajes, without prior notifications, PIC reported.

The occupation soldiers cracked down on Palestinians passing through the area and subjected them to intensive inspection.

At the same time, the IOF stormed al-Khalil province, in the southern occupied West Bank, and raked through residential neighborhoods in Halhul and Yatta towns, ravaging Palestinian homes all the way through the raid.

A disabled young man, identified as Abdul Kader Abu Usba, was kidnapped by the IOF from Zaboud neighborhood, in al-Khalil’s northern town of Halhul, and dragged to an unidentified destination.

Dozens of Israeli soldiers further stormed Tulkarem’s northern town of Seida, wreaked havoc on six Palestinian homes, and came down heavily on the inhabitants.

The campaign culminated in the abduction of the Palestinian ex-prisoner Sameh Ajaj after he had been made to endure heavy beating. (T/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)