Vice President: Santri and Islamic Boarding Schools Have Big Contribution to Country’s Development

Jakarta, MINA – Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin said Santri (students) and Islamic Boarding School have made a major contribution in the struggle to build the nation, even since the era of the independence movement until now in the crisis situation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This spirit and example can be the essence to support the development of Islamic economy and finance in the country,” said Vice President Ma’ruf in his remarks at the Commemoration of National Santri Day and the Launching of the New Logo of the Islamic Economic Community (MES), at the State Palace, Jakarta on Friday.

“The santri and all sub-cultures of pesantren are always present in every step of our nationality and development, from the era of the movement towards independence to the era of knitting progress as it is today,” he said, at the event attended by President Joko Widodo and a number of ministers.

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“Students also play a role in providing examples and confidence to the community about the importance of discipline in health protocols and vaccinations as the main key to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added. This was released by the Vice Presidential Secretariat.

Moreover, said the Vice President, since the issuance of Law Number 18 of 2019, Islamic boarding schools have a strategic position not only as educational and da’wah institutions, but also centers for community empowerment.

According to him, by accelerating the populist economy based on pesantren and the community, it is hoped that the national economy can recover quickly and encourage the rise of MSMEs.

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“The Islamic boarding school is expected to become a center for community economic empowerment through the development of the financial sector, such as the Micro Waqf Bank, Baitul Maal wa Tamwil, and other ultra-micro,” he continued.

Therefore, by involving students and the Islamic boarding school environment as part of the MES, the Vice President hopes that efforts to realize Indonesia as a major player in Islamic economics and finance can slowly be realized.

“We hope that Indonesia’s very promising Islamic economic and financial potential can be optimized for the welfare of the people. And Indonesia is a major player in the world’s Islamic economy and finance,” he said. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)