US Teases Indonesia with Billions of Dollars to Establish Relations with Israel

Jerusalem, MINA – The head of the United States (US) investment agency for foreign affairs, International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) Adam Boehler said Indonesia could receive billions of US dollars worth of financial investment if it wanted to open deplomatic relations with Israel.

It was conveyed by Boehler when interviewed by Bloomberg media in Jerusalem on Monday.

However, the Indonesian government had previously firmly rejected the issue that said it would open diplomatic relations with Israel.

Foreign Minister Retno confirmed that the Indonesian government would not open relations with Israel until Palestine became independent.

“Until now, there is no intention of Indonesia to open diplomatic relations with Israel,” said Retno in an online press statement on Wednesday.

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In addition, President Joko Widodo has confirmed Indonesia’s attitude towards Israel in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He stated that Indonesia is committed to supporting Palestinian independence.

“Even though there have been many rapid changes in the Middle East, Indonesia will not take any steps to normalize with Israel until the realization of a lasting and comprehensive peace between the Palestinian and Israeli people,” Joko Widodo said as quoted by the Palestinian Wafa News Agency.

Boehler said Indonesia could open up to twice as many US investment taps as it currently has at one billion dollars.

“If they are ready, the funds will be ready and if they are ready then we will be happy to provide even greater financial support than we have done,” he said as quoted by Bloomberg.

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He said he was not surprised if Indonesia, the country with the largest number of Muslims in the world, was willing to open relations with Israel and the DFC invested heavily in that country. “One or two billion dollars more,” he added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)