US Activist Group Calls for Justice for Palestine

US Activists (photo special)

Chicago, MINA – More than 100 Arab, Muslim, and American social activist groups on Monday (June 22) signed an open letter urging the US President Donald Trump and challenger Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to “support equality for Palestine.”

Arabnews reports the initiative was spearheaded by Code Pink, an internationally active non-governmental organization that describes itself as a grassroots and social justice movement that works to end wars and US-funded projects.

The letter stated, current the US policy “allows” Israeli violations of international law and a more balanced approach is needed.

As pro-Israeli groups and activists stepped up their efforts to encourage total Israeli control over the West Bank, and the separation of non-Jewish populations in occupied territories, the Code Pink campaign called for a fair and balanced approach to the rights of both, Palestine and Israel. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)